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Neglected Tropical Diseases are a very diverse group of diseases, affecting 1 in 7 people worldwide. These NTDs are essentially diseases of poverty, affecting in most cases the world's most vulnerable people. Even when they are not fatal, these diseases carry an immense toll on patients and communities, with many experiencing issues around long-term disability leading to social & economic exclusion, stigma and poor mental health.


Acting for Health engages and empowers patients to regain self confidence and their standing in society through participatory group projects drawn from theatre and acting, despite their disability or disfigurement.


Acting for Health also works with wider communities to convey and teach important and complex health messages to prevent stigma as well as foster an environment for the positive inclusion of NTD patients in communities.


Acting for Health also works with healthcare professionals to teach the skills needed to support patients as well as to pass on the skills needed to train healthcare colleagues.    

Find out more about our framework and methods on our What we Do page and examples of our work on our Projects page.

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